1. After Hours, Velvets In Another View

  2. VA - Vacations Time

  3. Stereolab in, Metronomic Underground Versions

  4. Who Covers Who, Volume IV

  5. Spiritualized In Other Medications

  6. VA - Come On Feel The NoiZe, BraZil Class´17

  7. Who Covers Who, Volume III

  8. New Dark Age, A Tribute to The Sound

  9. VA - Shadows of a Doubt

  10. Who Covers Who, Volume II

  11. Rave On, A Madchester Celebration

  12. Céus de Abril - Hidden Tracks

  13. Who Covers Who, Volume I

  14. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, A Ramones Reverence

  15. New Adventures of TBTCI

  16. Just for a Life, A Homage to Slowdive

  17. Forever and Again, A Tribute to My Bloody Valentine

  18. VA - Colors Compilations - Grey "Post Punk"

  19. VA - Colors Compilations - Orange "Psychedelic"

  20. VA - Colors Compilations - Red "Shoegaze"

  21. VA - Colors Compilations - Violet "Dreampop"

  22. All Our Pretty Songs, Nevermind Revisited

  23. The DarkSide of TBTCI

  24. Desert Kisses, A Tribute to Siouxsie and The Banshees

  25. Big Day Coming, A Tribute to Yo La Tengo

  26. Bee and Bee
    Winter Waves

  27. TBTCI loves TFC

  28. Cycle
    Winter Waves

  29. These Important Years, Husker Du Revisited

  30. Anticipating Nowhere, A Homage To The Telescopes

  31. VA - The Cure In Other Voices

  32. Colorful Acts, In The Presence of Lilys

  33. Steady Gaze of Nothing - A Reverence to Fugazi

  34. VA - Strange Fruits, Catherine Wheel Tribute

  35. VA - Soft as Fire in The House of Love
    TBTCI Rec.

  36. VA - Blue Thunder, A Tribute to Galaxie 500

  37. VA - We Are All BOO´s

  38. Primeiro Vacilo
    Eva´s Silo

  39. Zero Hour - Suicide Revisited

  40. VA - Treasures, A Tribute To Chapterhouse
    TBTCI Rec.

  41. VA - Kosmische Musik

  42. VA - Gods Will Be Gods - A Reverence To The Bunnymen
    TBTCI Rec.

  43. VA - The Language of Flowers, A Tribute to Pale Saints
    TBTCI Rec.

  44. Lur Lur - Love Will Keep Us Together - EP

  45. The John Candy - Ghostpedia
    TBTCI Rec.

  46. VA - Psychocandy Revisited
    TBTCI Rec

  47. Song and Dance Men - When I Still Smoked
    TBTCI Rec.

  48. Blackpool Astronomy - Tripping The Mortal Coil
    TBTCI Rec.

  49. Ceus de Abril - Ultimo Adeus

  50. VA - The Psychedelic Sounds of TBTCI, Vol. III
    TBTCI Rec.

  51. VA - Dreams Never End, A Tribute To New Order
    TBTCI Records

  52. VA - Kill Your Idols - A Brazilian Tribute to SY

  53. VA - Got That Feeling, A Tribute To Skywave

  54. VA - A Dreaded Sunny Day - A Tribute to The Smiths

  55. VA - The Language of Birds

  56. VA - Autumn Noises

  57. VA - Leave Them All Behind - A Tribute To Ride

  58. The Silent Party - Always Nothing, Something Nowhere - EP

  59. Diptych - Kiss In The Alleyway

  60. Tangerine Kisses - Primeiro Aglomerado

  61. Winter Waves - Blue Memories

  62. VA - 68th Birth, A Tribute To David Bowie

  63. VA - Gaseous Album

  64. VA - Liquid Album

  65. VA - Solid Album

  66. VA - Girls Groups - The Underground Versions

  67. Dry Martini - Sunshine After The Rain

  68. TBTCI Celebrates Girl Groups

  69. VA - The DªRK And CºLD Sounds Of TBTCI, Vol. II

  70. The Brian Jonestown Massacre In Other Voices

  71. A Tribute To Cocteau Twins

  72. Tone Rodent - Shadows Come

  73. The Psychedelic Sounds of The Blog That Celebrates Itself, Volume II

  74. The Us - Free Fall
    The Us

  75. The DªRK and CºLD Sounds of The Blog That Celebrates Itself

  76. NoctVillains - "Really Nothing Is Real" Ep

  77. Tone Rodent - A Bit Disconnected
    Tone Rodent for The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records © 2013

  78. The Psychedelic Sounds of The Blog That Celebrates Itself Vol. 1

  79. Bela Infanta - Apenas Cinco
    Bela Infanta

  80. Bela Infanta - Branco
    Bela Infanta

  81. Bela Infanta - Às Vezes Os Pássaros Não Voam Pro Mesmo Lado No Inverno
    Bela Infanta

  82. Infraaudio - Sonhos Estranhos para Pessoas que não Dormem EP

  83. The Black Album

  84. The Blue Album

  85. The Green Album

  86. The Pink Album

  87. The White Album

  88. The Yellow Album


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